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Gas Fire Table

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Current price $1,499.00
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Designed and Certified for the Australian market.

An alfresco weather resistant outdoor table with a gas fire place inserted into the middle of it to enjoy and change how you think about outdoor dining and drinking!

There are some outdoor wall mounted gas fire places or vertical heaters which are used for heating purposes only with no space to really sit around and enjoy drinks or food, that style is more of a backdrop purpose only or to stand around to keep warm, rather boring really. Our gas fire table setup makes the difference to how you use it and maximises your enjoyment of being outdoors, it becomes the focal point of your outdoors not a backdrop.

Not only do Gas Fire tables enhance your outdoor meals and late-night drinks with the ambience of the flame and a touch of warmth they provide room for meals fresh off the BBQ, Pizza oven or out of the Kitchen (perfect for alfresco’s and apartment balconies)BBQ plate to cook directly on sold separately 

Gas Fire tables use LPG or natural gas for fuel and typically have a glass flame guard and are complemented with fire glass or lava rocks to match your style. Glass fire beads are included with each purchase.